Make your business VAT compliant

All businesses with an annual turnover of more than AED 375,000 need to get registered with VAT before December 4th. Non-compliance may lead to a penalty of AED 20,000.

Please avail our free registration services to avoid the risk of getting penalized.

Once registered the next step is to make sure your business is VAT compliant being the more comprehensive part involving:

VAT impact assessment
Identification of applicable VAT regulations
Identifying and implementing the changes to ensure compliance
Updating IT systems
Maintaining records as prescribed by the regulations
Maintaining proper books of accounts
Quarterly filing of VAT returns

VAT Solutions Now Available

Partnering with our team at MAJED AL SHAMSI Auditing, POBOX 1184, Dubai, UAE will ensure that all your VAT related requirements are adequately taken care of. Our tax experts will make sure that applicable VAT requirements are complied with by providing well-researched professional advice tailored to your specific business requirements.

While our core competency is the quality we offer along, at the same time we strive our best to keep our prices competitive. On the top of it, we are providing free registration services when bundled with any of our other products including:

VAT Registration (free services)
VAT Impact Assessment
Compliance with VAT requirements
VAT implementation
Accounting & bookkeeping (including free accounting software)
Filing of VAT returns
Specialized VAT services
External & internal auditing

There are no exceptions

Contrary to a common misconception VAT registration, though coming with a compliance burden, is actually an advantage for the business. Only a business registered for VAT will be able to claim the tax paid on its purchases and expenses.

Whether your business is zero rated (education, health care, real estate development etc.) or standard rated, it has to be registered if your revenue is more than the threshold (i.e. AED 375,000). This holds true for all freezones as well.

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